Final Cut Studio 3 Reviews: Why you should buy Final cut pro 7!

Why you should buy cut pro 7!

The time saving interface improvements, easy to use collaboration tools, and ProRes codec options that have been added to Final Cut Professional 7, enables one to do more with it and also at a faster rate. It actually has a multi-streaming video that provides you with real-time performance. With its more than 150 kinds of effects, filters, tools with new speed change, expended support for alpha transitions, Final Cut Professional 7 claims the best integration with all the other Apple’s professional applications. This is what goes hand in hand with improved codec support for editing DV, SD and HD formats, which include all the presets encoded for devices such as Apple Television, iPod, and Blu-ray discs. It is therefore very important for one who is planning to buy Final Cut Pro 7, to know and be aware of all the features it has which actually make it stand out as the best choice and selection among the rest in its category. The guide below tries to explain some of the features that Final Cut Pro 7 has.

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Final Cut Studio version 3 contains six main applications and several smaller applications used in editing video. The major applications it includes are:

  • Final Cut Pro 7 – “real-time editing for DV, SD and HD”
  • Motion 4 – “real-time motion graphics design”
  • Soundtrack Pro 3 – “advanced audio editing and sound design”
  • DVD Studio Pro 4 – encoding, authoring and burning.
  • Color 1.5 – a new color grading application adapted from Silicon Color’s FinalTouch.
  • Compressor 3.5 – a video encoding tool for outputting projects in different formats.

Additional applications included are:

  • Cinema Tools 4.5 – tools specific to film processing.
  • Qmaster 3 – a distributed processing tool.

Final Cut Studio 3

Incredible transitions and effects

Final Cut Professional 7 actually offers real time performance that is in excess of 150 effects which can be used for multi-stream videos. It comes along with broadened support for Alpha transitions together with new speed change tools that will offer you much more options than the other types available in the stores.

Broad format support

With FCP 7 you will be able to edit natively in any type of format over the entire full spectrum of file based media and tape. There are some formats and frame rates that you can combine including all of the 5 Apple ProRes versions. This is a very unique feature that Final Cut Professional 7 comes with.

Open extensible Architecture

There are some open standards such FxPlug and QuickTime all encourage interoperability that include a large number of tools that all belong to the third party. This makes it develop a custom-wide facility solution around Final Cut Professional 7 having its standards based on up to date formats and XML interchange format. I tried this feature and I am amazed by it because of its unique performance.

Digital Cinema workflows

The digital cinema workflows features an integration that is much deeper with color, this is what makes Final Cut Professional 7 extremely fantastic all the digital intermediate workflows for projects that have been shot on films. High resolution cameras such as the ones colored in red have also been added to the cutting edge workflows for videos produced having this particular type of quality. It enables linking that is enhanced with cinema tools 4.5 which give you the full confidence you need to change and edit lists that you have chosen. This will surely give you the best quality.

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Seamless collaboration

The new collaboration tools make it extremely easy to utilize clients together with co-workers whichever the location you are in at any particular given time. This will actually allow you to discuss an edit instantly using IChat Theater, publish the video to the net instantly, or alternatively use Final Cut Professional 7 as a resource or for generally automatic review and approval. It actually serves the purpose perfectly just the way you want it to be.

Comprehensive editing tools

Final Cut Professional 7 works rapidly by utilizing a complete group of professional trimming and editing tools that have a wide range of personalization choices used for control as well as versatility. It comes along with numerous interface enhancements, such as enhanced markers and tabs that will definitely help you increase the speed of all your projects. This will save you more than enough time and give you enough time to go through your entire project to ensure you have done exactly what is required after the project is complete.

Intuitive real-time design atmosphere

You can immediately start animating using the easy to use tools together with the intuitive moving 4. With this you will be able to observe the outcomes instantly while you adjust and work animation configurations more quickly. Apart from this feature will allow you to instantly set an item that is moving by simply dragging a character towards the Canvas, and then create precise changes using the Key frame editor.

Breathtaking filters and effects

It actually comes with more than 120 GPU-faster filters which are infact nothing but only the beginning. You can choose to instantly animate various enchanting designs using a replicator which will allow you to create fog, smoke, or any other dramatic effects that may impress you. There are things such as third-party FxPlug filters which one can use to create many more effects to use. With keen attention you can be able to make breathtaking effects in a very short span of time which you can decide to use instantly.

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Effective compositing

Final Cut Professional 7 promises to offer you everything you need for compositing 2D and three dimension graphics all because of the excellent and perfect group of hiding and adding tools that it comes with. You can adjust videos to by utilizing features such as optical flow retiming, SmoothCam stabilization for all the shaky shots, match moving, as well as automatic point monitoring. All these features make it so unique.

Effective audio editing

It offers a complete selection of all the professional features all reaching your tips of the fingers in Soundtrack Professional, which includes all the tools that have been designed particularly for audio publishing. You will be able to work fast with the new navigation cutting corners that are within multi-track interface which is also allows you to edit different files with exact precision within the file Editor. All your files will appear perfect and well-designed just the way you want it. This is one of the best reasons why you should opt to buy Final Cut Professional 7. It is just the best among the rest in its entire category.

All the features mentioned above found in Final Cut Pro 7 are enough to convince you that it just outshines the rest and is the best selection you one can make.